Mission Statement

What is Tragedy Weekly?

Tragedy Weekly is an online publication designed to keep you in the know about all the latest tragedies happening in the world. Never again will you be the one guy/lady at the water cooler who hasn’t heard about the latest terrorist attack, mass shooting, or species ending plague.  It’s news without all the boring stuff.

In order to keep our eyes on the prize we here at Tragedy Weekly have a few platitudes we like to live by. Just like all world views, this is ever-evolving.

Keep Tragedies Tragic

Have you noticed that there seem to be a lot more tragedies than usual lately? Tragedies are becoming a part of everyday life. At what point do these terrible events stop being “tragedies” and just become business as usual? We don’t really want to find out. That’s why we want to remind you about the tragedies, and make sure you know that these terrible things are not ordinary, and we should not get used to them.

And if we can have a couple laughs along the way, that helps too.

“If it Bleeds it Leads”

According to News Writing 101 teachers at every community college, this is one of the defining platitudes of modern journalism. Basically it means that any story with blood and guts will end up on the front page. That’s what people want to read about. That’s what sells papers!

So why waste any time talking about all the other stuff? That’s kind of our philosophy here.

Don’t Lie

The term “fake news” gets thrown around nowadays. We are definitely not that. We don’t make stuff up. We check our sources. We talk about true stuff, exclusively. If you find something that is just plain not true on our site, TELL US. We will fix it and tell people we made a mistake.

Be Honest

This is not quite the same as the last one. Tragedy Weekly is a news site because we talk about news, but don’t look to us for 100% unbiased reporting. Our writers have opinions and they are free to share them. It’s what (hopefully) makes this entertaining. We aren’t trying to convince anyone though. So if you don’t like what you read that’s fine.

Have Some Integrity

Integrity is important in journalism right? Even if it’s weekly tragedy updates. No, ESPECIALLY if it’s weekly tragedy updates. We here at Tragedy Weekly will strive for accurate, honest reporting. We won’t lie. We won’t plagiarize. We’ll try to proofread really well.

Also, as a general policy, we don’t mention the names of people who commit terrible atrocities on purpose. We’ll usually refer to them as “some asshole” or some other appropriate term. If you want that information, there are plenty of places you can find it.


The Staff of Tragedy Weekly