2 Simple Reasons Why John McCain Needs To Go Away

2 Simple Reasons Why John McCain Needs To Go Away

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John McCain – senator of Arizona, Maverick, and rebel of the Republican Party because he disagrees with them every so often, except there isn’t any actual proof of him disagreeing with anything – he just does television interviews going against whatever the trend is.

McCain attempts to be a shock jock like his buddy Donald Trump whether he knows they’re buddies or not. During his loss to President Barack Obama in 2008, during a campaign where he called Obama’s friend’s terrorists, a campaign against a man with Muslim ancestry being called a friend of terrorists. What a shocking way to go after him. These days John likes to make television appearances disavowing the Trump Administration despite voting for everyone in his cabinet, see I told you they were buddies. John McCain isn’t a Maverick with an independent mind. He’s a man that just wants attention.

Below are 2 reasons why I don’t want to hear from the so-called Maverick anymore.

  1. He’s Lost Credibility

People on Social Media and T.V are making fun of him resisting the Trump Administration when he has voted countless times for war and discriminatory practices. This campaign of resistance is especially dangerous for Trump’s Administration because Trump thrives on resistance and may as well be the reason he won. The more people publically oppose Trump the more his supporters will take up for him especially if the person resisting is a politician so bad he only won 175 electoral college votes when he ran for president.

During his presidential campaign in 2008, many people found it easy to fall out of love with McCain…I mean this was an easy task when you’re going up a handsome, well-cultured, educated and charisma Barack Obama. It was also easy because his resistance against the far-right was just that – resistance. He never brought any ideas to impose like any president candidate would, he just liked to state his views with no solutions. The best he could attack Obama is trying to convince the public he has terroristic ties. Now with another president that he can take cheap shots at, McCain is making his television rounds against Donald Trump. Too late McCain, we didn’t forget your voting record or lack of substance.

  1. He Picked Sarah Palin as his Vice President Nominee

Did I mention he lost credibility? No man who thinks Sarah Palin would make a good Vice President should ever share his opinions on the current President no matter how whacky he may be. McCain needs to answer for all his Sarah Palin sins and hopefully God is in an Old Testament type of mood that day.